Practicing Thought Poses

Spirit Lights The Way


If a new yoga pose hurts, we can’t wish the pain away.

We must practice the pose until we gain the flexibility, strength, and agility we need to hold the pose without pain.

The same is true of changing habitual thought patterns that add to our suffering.

We can change our mental and emotional landscape by practicing « thought poses » aimed at developing greater control, poise, and flexibility through mindful awareness.

A flicker of annoyance appears.  

Instead of re-acting in habitual ways, we learn to adjust our thoughts, giving ourselves the strength, flexibility, and agility we need to avoid pain and hold our poise when confronted with conflict.  

As we gain mental strength, agility, and flexibility, “boulders” (which used to stop us cold) become mere pebbles, easily kicked to the curb.  Rather than ingesting unwarranted insults tossed our way, we learn to “spit them out” and go…

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